Co-Z-Air Heating & Air Conditioning is a recognized leader in the installation and maintenance of ductless heat pump systems.  Our team of professionals provides clients with only the highest quality and most innovative heat pump products and services.  With a high customer satisfaction rating and a commitment to performance excellence, our company has come to be recognized as one of the best all round ductless heat pump technology experts in the region.

Co-Z Air offers top-rated ductless heating and cooling services to those residents in Weatherford and Greater Ft. Worth.  Our team of professionals is steadfast in their commitment to provide quick, effective and efficient installations.  Our products and services come with a warranty and many come with rebates offered through a number of utility providers.

Possessing all the training, education and expertise needed to conduct state of the art ductless heating and cooling installations, our technicians are among the best in the marketplace.  With continued ongoing training, our employees are able to stay atop all the newest industry regulations and standards.

Co-Z Air is also focused on and committed to cost-friendly and energy efficient protocols, and strive to deliver products and services that not only meet clients’ individual heating and cooling needs but also provide years and years of comfort and long-term savings.

At Co-Z Air our mission statement is simple – to meet the needs of all our valued clients in attractive timelines and with prices that are truly competitive and affordable.  Our superior system installers handle every aspect of a ductless heat pump installation from site preparation right on out to electrical installs and the following:

  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Securing equipment warranty registrations with manufacturers
  • Exterior electrical compressor installs and wiring
  • Necessary drilling for home penetration
  • Proper placement of all refrigerant and power supply lines
  • Installation of secured interior units
  • Direct connects of electrical and refrigerant systems
  • Proper air sealing
  • Test run for functionality and full operation
  • Hands on training for proper use and maintenance

Whether a simple or complex multi-zone ductless system, we are the team for you!


Here at Co-Z Air our customers are always our number one priority.  During your free consultation, our professional consultants and installers will work right alongside of you and assist with all your important decision making.

  • Individual Needs – From equipment choices and interior layout to refrigerant and power supply lines and adequate system functionality testing, we handle it all. Our consultants are focused on the heating and cooling requirements of individual homes as well as the specific needs of our clients, and with this information in hand are confident that every installation performed will exceed clients’ expectations.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – We understand full well that your new ductless heat pump should blend in with your existing décor and present with an aesthetic appeal. With that said, our technicians will identify locations in your home that will provide for an effective yet attractive placement on both the interior and exterior of your home delivering a truly clean look.
  • Minimal Interruption – Our technicians work with the highest level of respect and integrity. We treat your furniture, belongings and your home as if it was our own.  We are steadfast in avoiding noise levels and other distractions that can otherwise interfere with your everyday living.  A full installation service typically takes only a single day.



As is the case with any type of home system installation, confusion and uncertainty on the part of the client is common.  However, when you choose our team of certified professionals, you are putting your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry.  With ongoing education, our team of specialists is on hand to answer your every question and assist with all your important decisions.  Upon completion of your consultation meeting, our team will provide you with recommendations for appropriate equipment, adequate size, and proper output needed for individual zones within your home, all of which will contribute to complete home climate control and energy savings.

Co-Z Air Heating & Air Conditioning uses high quality installation materials, processes and techniques, ensuring that all new materials are properly tested in advance, and are able to withstand the test of time and meet all the industry standards.  Every home and property layout differs and each has its own unique environmental issues that must be taken into consideration when choosing equipment that can and will perform at high levels and present with both stability and reliability.  Our state-of-the-art installations are every bit cost-effective and serve to provide clients with extreme comfort and long-term savings year after year.